The beach is nature's toy boxBeachcombing & playing on the beach

What stories do the washed up shells, sea glass and driftwood tell?
Please enjoy beachcombing and observing living creatures in the waves that quietly roll over the sand.

  • The beach is nature's toy box

If you walk along a beach being deeply attentive, you will see shells and coral fragment of all shapes. You can find blue, green, brown, and occasionally red sea glass. Also, how about taking home a glass container, already polished to a shine, that could be used as a single-flower vase? If you look carefully there are hermit crabs along the water's edge and subtropical fish swimming in the tidal pools. Watching these living things is great fun too.

  • ■ Getting to the Oku Beaches
    There are 4 beaches in the vicinity of Okuyambaru no sato and each beach is around 5 minutes away by car.