Indulge in nothing but the luxury of time. How to spend your stay at Okuyambaru no sato

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to a space without man-made noise. What you will hear are the sounds of the wind, sea, birds and insects. A crisp line appears where the sky and sea meet on the horizon. How about spending your leisure time surrounded by all this nature?

Day 1

  • 2:00pm
    Checking in
    Get greeted on arrival by the welcoming babble of the stream at Okuyambaru no sato. Check in at the front desk inside the Center for Interaction.
  • 2:30pm
    Play in the gentle river
    Although a touch cool, the river is shallow so it is safe for small children. Are there any fish I wonder?
  • 3:30pm
    Play on an empty beach
    Head to Oku Beach for some beachcombing. The kids will love picking up the beautiful sea glass and shells.
  • 4:30pm
    Let's have a BBQ!
    Once back at the guest room it is time to prepare the BBQ. Locally caught seafood is also delicious on the BBQ.
  • 7:00pm
    Light fireworks as a family in the evening
    Now with a full stomach the kids enjoy every minute of the long-awaited fireworks! (For safety reasons fireworks are only permitted up to 8pm.)
  • The Asumori mountain range and summer Milky Way, as seen from Hedo Cape.
    A shooting star cuts across the starry sky.

  • 8:00pm
    Experience a starry sky as clear as a planetarium
    Yambaru is the perfect place for stargazing! Stars cover the entire sky. Try counting shooting stars while searching for constellations.

Day 2

  • 8:00am
    Get out of bed whenever you naturally wake up
    Get up slowly without being rushed by time. Prepare breakfast in the well-equipped kitchen.
  • 10:00am
    Checking out
    Check out at the Center for Interaction reception.
  • 10:30am
    Visit sightseeing spots on the last day too
    To make the most of your final day, why not stop at the tourist spots you are driving past anyway? Grab souvenirs at the Michi-no-eki (roadside rest areas).