Work and play hard at Yambaru no satoWorkation

Working in an office is outdated. Your work and vacation can coexist. There are also family perks. With birdsong and the sound of the sea in the background, your mindset or efficiency could improve too.

  • What is a workation?
    Combining work and vacation, it involves taking a trip and working remotely while enjoying the holiday destination.

Workation life at Okuyambaru no sato!

  • Paid vacationDay 1 (Wed)
    Took paid vacation and travelled to Okinawa. Visiting the northern part of the main island this time and staying at Yambaru no sato. Went for a walk on a nearby beach as soon as we arrived.
  • WorkDay 2 (Thurs)
    While Mom and the kids went wild bird spotting, Dad worked, with the sound of sea in the background. An online meeting followed by some focused time to complete a report.
  • WorkDay 3 (Fri)
    It was Mom's turn to work while Dad took the kids to play in the river. After checking her emails, Mom responded to inquiries and prepared handouts for next week's meeting. While working she heard the call of the rare Okinawan Rail bird in the forest.
  • Public holidayDay 4 (Sat)
    Gave something new a try today and went camping. Had a few minutes to enjoy a coffee together when the kids took a nap after an action-packed morning. Looking forward to skygazing tonight! I wonder if we'll see a shooting star? The babbling stream might lull the kids to sleep.
  • Public holidayLast Day (Sun)
    Today was the last day of a fun-filled weekend. As we got ready to go home, the kids wanted to stay and play more. When can we come again? We stopped off at Hedo Cape and drove along the west coast on the way to the airport. It was the perfect drive as we could clearly see the horizon where the sky meets the sea.