About new coronavirus infection preventive measures

At this facility, we are implementing measures to prevent infection and "guidelines for dealing with the new coronavirus in accommodation facilities" (

  • [Staff infection prevention measures]
  • ・We wear masks, wash hands, disinfect hands, and perform daily health management (temperature measurement, etc.).
  • [Cleaning and disinfection in the hall]
  • ・Objects and places that many people come into frequent contact with are regularly wiped off with a disinfectant.
  • ・The parts of the room that are touched by customers are wiped off with a disinfectant when cleaning the room.
  • ・Doors and windows will be opened as appropriate to enhance ventilation.
  • [Customer health check]
  • ・Guests staying at the hotel are requested to take measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding face-to-face contact at check-in, and to measure the temperature and verify their identity.
  • ・We carry out physical condition checks such as temperature measurement for travelers, and if you have a fever or have a cold symptom, we will consult with the nearest health center, etc., including weekends, and take appropriate measures.
  • ・If you have a fever, cough, dullness, or other illness while using the hotel, please contact the front desk immediately, and if necessary, report to the health center or consult a medical institution. doing.
  • [Other]
  • ・During your stay at the hotel, we ask you to wear a mask, wash your hands, and disinfect your hands in the common space.
  • ・A disinfectant solution is installed in each space for hand disinfection.
  • ・The used tables will be cleaned and disinfected before the next customer is guided.
  • ・The hotel is adjacent to the village, and many elderly people live in the village. When using the shops in the village, please wear a mask thoroughly.

About Okinawa Prefecture Coronavirus Infection (